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Episode 7: Creating Alignment in Pregnancy & Life with Dr. Meg Simans of Chiropractic Lifestyle Center

This one hour episode is a look into how Chiropractic Care can support health and wellness, and specifically surrounding pregnancy, birth, postpartum, infancy and childhood.  Dr. Meg Simans shares how she supports families during this beautiful life changing time and the many ways holistic care can ...

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Episode 6: Supporting Health & Wellness with Sylling’s Elderberry

School is back in session! Cold and flu season is hovering closely as the season changes and Fall is nearly in full swing too!  Have you explored natural ways to support your health and wellness ?  Have you heard of the amazing powers of Elderberry?  Whether you answer yes or no to...

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Episode 5: Lactation Love Notes with IBCLC Rebecca Kusche

Looking for nutrient rich information on breastfeeding? This episode pumps out helpful facts and loads of laughs as I sit down Rebecca Kusche, MS, IBCLC, CN.  Breastfeeding, while natural, can be challenging and we dive into that a bit and talk tips for enhancing your experience. And I also break ...

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Episode 2. The Birth of Rowen Rae: A Wicked Fast Delivery for First Time Parents

Today we share with you the birth story of our first born, Rowen Rae.  This episode tells a little back story of moving with the military promptly before she was born, and the wild and wicked fast ride that we took together bringing her earth side.  Thank you to our amazing doula, Trish, and our inc...

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Episode 3. The Healing Power of Capturing Your Birth Story, with Ashley and Christi of Sacred Birth Stories

In Episode 3, we share space with 2 brilliant photographers, Ashley Grimes & Christi Hunt, who joined forces to form Sacred Birth Stories.

Their beautiful business captures birth in both photo and film, helping families process their experience and savor each memory within. The he...

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