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Episode 8: Fear Based Decision Making with Midwife Morgan Hughes

Morgan Hughes, LM, CPM of Salt and Cedar Midwifery lends lovely insight in exploring curiosity and how fear can be a friend in decision making.

Morgan has such a light and energy about her.  And if you’ve had the joy of meeting her in person, it’s hard not to sense this almost immediately.  The day that we met to record this episode, I’ll be honest in saying that I was in a muddy headspace.  Being the bright heart that she is, she threw on an uplifting beat (Oh Sunny Days) and we danced on the back porch as the sweet sun beamed around us and the crisp fall air fell.  If there’s a shift to be had, she knows how to guide it, ever so gently.

During our time on and off of the mic, we took a deep dive in exploring our own thoughts and experienced in decision making in both birth and life.

As mentioned in the recording, there is a helpful tool (BRAIN), and so we have an infographic for that, should you find it helpful! 

I was fortunate to have met Morgan at the Peninsula Birth and Baby Expo, which returns for round two in the Spring of 2020!

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