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Episode 11: Exploring Preferences in Birth

This episode wraps up the 3 part mini series as we explore preferences in birth.  Often referred to as a Birth Plan, having preferences written out in a clear and easy to read format can help both you and your birth team to know the focus of your goals and have a place to revisit and reflect as labor progresses, birth unfolds and postpartum and newborn care continue. 

As mentioned, I am a HUGE fan of Earth Mama Organics.  I am so honored to be a birth professional with them and keep their products on hand for purchase and also include them as part of my Childbirth Education, Postpartum and Breastfeeding Support Services. This beautiful business in based in the PNW and they have a great tool (FREE!) on their website to aide in writing birth plans that can be downloaded HERE

We cover birth preferences in detail in Nesting, the Childbirth Education Course that I offer both in person, and coming SOON online.  A launch date has been set and will be announced later this month with an opportunity for pre-sale at a discounted rate. I am incredibly excited to roll this out!  Sign up for the exclusive email list here to be the first to read and hear all about it. 

CLICK HERE to download the Step 1 PDF template I created just for you!  Want more details on how to write and refine your birth preferences?  There will be an entire module on that in the online offering mentioned above.  As always, I can be reached at janelle@thechosennest.com if you have any questions! 

Want to share a story about your pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding journey?  Do you offer a service that supports the wellness of families in this special chapter?  Please reach out!

Follow this link to be the first to know when the Online Childbirth Education releases or to sign up when it does.

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